ALUT's mission is to ensure the well-being, rehabilitation, economic status, and future of people with autism in Israel. Established in 1974 by parents of children with autism, today ALUT is Israel’s predominant resource for families coping with autism and pervasive developmental disorders (PDD).  With an USD 85 million annual operating budget, 2,500 person staff and network of 400 volunteers allows ALUT to offer a comprehensive range of services for families, beginning at the time of diagnosis and through adulthood.

missionThe bulk of ALUT's budget is funded by the government of Israel government (by law), to support of the basic needs of people with disabilities. To compliment these basic services, ALUT relies on the generous contributions of individual donors and foundations. These allow us to provide unique complimentary services and activities for people on the autistic spectrum and their families.

ALUT provides diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutic intervention for infants, preschoolers, and schoolchildren with Autism, leads research centers and trains paramedical staff and therapists to specialize in Autism. We operate Homes for Life (hostels) and employment centers for autistic adults and spearhead projects to integrate people with Autism in the IDF and workforce inclusion. We also advocate to advance the rights of autistic people and to improve the services available to them and their families. In addition, ALUT provides regular family counseling, assistance, and support - to nuclear and the extended families as well as complimentary counseling and support for caregivers, to ensure a holistic care approach that responds to all aspects and needs of the autistic child or adult.


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