The daily care of children with autism is both emotionally and physically demanding for parents and siblings. Children with autism often need intensive 24/7 supervision and care. Our children and their families also desperately need the occasional change of atmosphere in order to recharge.

"Regular" day camps often fail to meet the special needs of our patients, and some are actually dangerous for autistic children. Consequently, if parents didn't have ALUT to provide these specialized camps, they would not be able to work, or rest, during the summer months or Jewish holidays.

Therefore, ALUT has developed summer and holiday camp programs to address the unique needs of these families and their children by utilizing ALUT’s network of professional caregivers and therapists.

There are currently over 500 children with autism in Israel who require a specialized summer camp program. Will you help us to give these children that opportunity?

For only $270, you can send an autistic child to summer camp in Israel. Thank you!

Cost of Summer/Holiday Camp - $270 per child

Help Us Build Summer and Holiday Camps

Our children cannot attend a regular summer camps. They are entitle to have summer camps as well. Let's provide it to them.

Cost of one camp for a child: $270

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